The Need to Fight for Human Rights in the Modern World

Every year on December 10, the world celebrates International Human Rights Day. In 1948, the UN General Assembly proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It was the first international document to declare fundamental rights and freedoms. Many activists discuss the importance of human rights fighting in the modern world.

Dissemination of human rights

One of the most pressing issues throughout human existence is the issue of human rights. The possibility of their implementation and protection. The organization, condition, and realization of human rights. It is an essential needle. It indicates the democracy and sociality of the State and the fact that such a state is legal.

The Need to Fight for Human Rights in the Modern World

Guarantees of respect for and protection of human rights are enshrined in national and international regulations. Everyone is guaranteed the safety of their rights and freedoms. And interests from violations and unlawful encroachments by any means not prohibited by law. This approach corresponds to the manifestations of the rule of law. Which is not limited to legislation. But also includes other social regulators, morals, traditions, customs, and more. The struggle for rights has many components. One such component is the protection of rights. Today we will focus on the most well-known ways to protect the rights and freedoms of man and citizen.

The extrajudicial mechanism for the protection of human and civil rights and freedoms

The first type of protection, which we will focus on today. It involves the consideration of citizens’ appeals to public authorities and local governments. Everyone has the right to submit individual or written requests. On address public leaders, local governments, officials, and officials. Also, many people and human rights defenders fought for their interests. And experiences in human rights actions. For example, to help you better understand the topic you can research, Jackie Robinson essay examples and topics It will help you learn more about how people fought and changed society’s views. Try to write your essay on the topic, to share your own thoughts about what you have read.
It is envisaged that nationals have the liberty to apply to public officers. To local governments, associations of citizens. To enterprises, institutions, and organizations, regardless of ownership, media, and officials. By their operational duties with comments, objections, and recommendations. Their statutory actions contain a statement or plea. To exercise their socio-economic, political, and personal rights. And legitimate interests and a complaint about their violation.
Servicemen, employees of internal affairs, and state security bodies have the right to submit appeals unrelated to their official activities.
Somebody who is not a resident of the country and is present in its habitat has the same freedom to apply as residents of that country unless otherwise provided by international treaties.
Citizens’ requests should be comprehended as written (verbal) suggestions (remarks), statements (petitions), and complaints.
Proposal – appeals of citizens, which express advice. Recommendations on the activities of public authorities. And local governments, deputies of all levels, officials, as well as opinions on the regulation of public relations and living conditions. Also, improving the legal basis of State and public life, socio-cultural and other spheres of state and society. Also, there is even a book about this where the writer describes all these methods.

The judicial mechanism for the protection of human and civil rights and freedoms

You can read about the right of citizens to judicial protection. In Article 10 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Everyone is guaranteed the right to appeal in court against decisions, actions, or omissions of public authorities, local governments, officials, etc. Justice is administered exclusively by courts. Delegation of court functions and assignment of these functions to other bodies or officials is not allowed. You can check it in any source.

The Need to Fight for Human Rights in the Modern World

After exercising all domestic remedies. Everyone may apply for protection of his rights and freedoms to the relevant international judicial institutions. Or to the relevant bodies of international organizations. Which his State is a member or participant?
Judicial protection of human and civil rights should be considered a type of state protection of human and civil rights and freedoms. And it is the State that takes on this responsibility.
The Constitution of almost every country guarantees everyone judicial protection of their rights. In constitutional, civil, commercial, administrative, and criminal proceedings. To apply to the court, it is necessary to make a claim or other statement. Provided by the current procedural law. Provide the court with the relevant evidence and pay the court fee. The claim must meet the requirements established by procedural law. A person may prepare documents for applying to the court . Or for legal assistance, free of charge.
Therefore, the court is a priority but not the only body to protect the rights and freedoms of man and citizen.


Everyone should be free to choose how to protect violated rights. At the same time, it must be convinced that the state guarantees equal opportunities for anyone. Regardless of religion, race, place of residence. Regardless of age, and sex, to use these protection methods. Otherwise, the desire of the modern State for democracy. Law, freedom, equality, humanism, and the rule of law, expressed in constitutional norms and principles. It will remain only a declaration of intent.