Tips on Essay Writing for English Second Language Learners

Studying languages is an integral part of people’s lives. We need foreign languages particularly everywhere. It can be traveling to other countries, getting a well-paid job, communicating with people of different nationalities. You can’t even imagine how many horizons are open for you when you learn at least one foreign language.

However, it’s not that easy to find time to learn a new language as studying takes almost all the time you have. Today’s students are extremely stressed out and it’s obvious, considering that we live in covid times. Besides being worried about how not to get the virus and survive, they are overloaded with homework.

One of the hardest tasks to do still remains writing tons of essays. It must be really exhausting as it takes lots of creativity and time to accomplish this task. Luckily, there is an affordable and accessible service that offers help to all students in need. Just turn to qualified paper writers at EssayPro and they will provide you with immediate assistance. So from now, you can focus on your other subjects or discover the world of foreign languages.

The Advantages of Learning English

Everyone knows that English is considered to be the most used language internationally and it has a huge influence on our lives. People use it in almost every field and part of the world. At the same time, the biggest part of the population is still not willing to learn it or they have no time. Now let’s draw your attention to the pros of studying English as a second language:

  • A higher chance to get a well-paid job with a reasonable salary.
  • English helps you grow and expand your worldview.
  • You can travel to any country and speak with locals freely.
  • Discover new cultures, traditions, customs, and history of other countries.
  • Get acquainted with the world of art, fashion, music, etc.
  • Make friends and find soulmates.
  • The process of studying is getting more interesting and writing essays will not be a problem anymore.
  • An opportunity to gain necessary skills that will be useful in the future.

Tips on Essay Writing

For some students academic writing is natural and simple. But for most people, it’s a struggle. Fortunately, there are plenty of sources of information on the internet, which you can use to create a perfect text. The only thing you need to do is to follow the tips below.

Understand the assignment

When you get an assignment to accomplish, the first step is to understand the task and what you need to write. Look through the question and its keywords in order to see whether you need to compare, analyze, contrast, evaluate or discuss something or you have to write a descriptive essay.

Choose a topic

Once you figure out the type of task, you are free to choose the topic of the assignment. First, prepare your workplace and yourself before the process of writing so that nothing can disturb you. Make a cup of tea, sit in a comfortable chair and free your mind from useless thoughts and start to jot down ideas.

In order to succeed and write a brilliant assignment, you have to choose the most interesting topic for the type of the task. If it’s hard for you to come up with any ideas, you can turn to your teacher for help. Don’t feel ashamed as it happens to everyone, nobody is born a poet or professional writer.

Plan Everything

Unfortunately, not all students are able to keep themselves on track and organize their schedules the right way. Most people underestimate the task and how long it takes to fulfill it. Thus it can lead to staying awake for the whole night. In case of failure, you might have a disappointing mark.

Manage Your Time

In order not to fail, you need to arrange every step of writing a text. It can be choosing the title, collecting information, looking for resources, writing and proofreading. All these aspects have their estimated time so right after you receive a task you have to manage your time efficiently.

Use Proper Outline

Before writing you need to design the best outline. You need to focus on making your text be easy to read by using a simple, clear, and logical structure. If you are too creative and have an unstoppable flow of thought, you need to be careful. Stay focused on your topic and do not steer away from it.

Start your draft by writing down all the ideas regarding the introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs. Think about the thesis statement, statistics, personal research on this topic along with your own thoughts about it. You also have to be sure that all parts of the assignment match logically and there is a fluid transition between the arguments.

Be Creative

Despite the huge amount of information and helpful sites that provide you with great text samples, you still need to write one on your own. The main purpose of this task is not only to check whether you understand the topic and have obtained all the information but also to improve your imagination.

Don’t let yourself get into the trap of copying everything, be free to express yourself through your own, unique ideas and thoughts. There is a wide range of different literary devices of the language which can complement your essay. It can be linking words, metaphors, hyperboles, usage of symbolism and irony.

Use of formal and informal language

In case you write an essay on the topic of love for example or some deep things, you are free to use informal language. With the use of beautiful literary devices and your own feelings expressed through your words, you will create a plot that will be more engaging, real, and fresh.

But in academic texts, where you are short of creativity and freedom, you need to follow a certain scheme on how to write such assignments. Academic writing should be more formal, concise, and include good use of rhetorics. To write the perfect text you need to use clear and precise language.

Be Critical

Using critical thinking will help you to create the greatest piece ever. This way you will show that you’ve put enough time and effort to engage with the theories and material of a certain topic and are able to leverage critical reasoning.

The first thing you should pay attention to in order to practice critical thinking is reading literature reviews in published articles. Thus, you will see that authors don’t simply summarize previous studies, but offer a critique leading to a gap for their own research.

Final Words

Accomplishing such assignments as essays is a real struggle, but also it’s the best way to show your knowledge and creativity. When writing, we gain so many useful skills, develop our imagination and expand our worldview. If you have some problems with doing such tasks, you should look through this article and take every tip into account to create a perfect essay.