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Whichiscorrect.com is made and written by a group of language enthusiasts: linguists, philology students and English teachers. The aim of our website is to help English speakers and learners to spell English words correctly. English language has been borrowing words from other languages since its beginnings, and now there are 350 other languages that English has taken words from. This is the reason why it is sometimes very confusing and not obvious to spell English words, as there are often no clear rules.

In whichiscorrect.com team we do our best to do research on etymology of English vocabulary and explain the correct spellings. We find most common mistakes and explicate why they are incorrect and where do they come from. Our team also clear up differences between British and American English, which often cause confusion as well.

We hope that our work and dedication contributes to promotion of correct English around the world and helps you to improve your language skills.
- whichiscorrect.com team

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