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Correct spelling, explanation: the word biennial has its origins in Latin and is derived from the combination of two elements: the prefix bi- comes from the Latin word bis, which means twice. It signifies the concept of something happening or recurring two times. The suffix -ennialis is derived from the Latin word annus, which means year. The suffix -ennialis indicates a duration of time-related to a year. When combined, the word biennial essentially means occurring every two years. Biannual is a different adjective.

Definition of biennial:
1. adjective, taking place every other year
The art museum hosts a biennial exhibition showcasing the works of emerging artists from around the world.
The conference is a biennial event that gathers experts in the field of environmental conservation to discuss global challenges and solutions.
2. noun, a biennial plant
The foxglove is a biennial, producing foliage in its first year and colorful flowers in its second year of growth.
The biennial parsley grows leaves and a rosette during its first year before flowering and producing seeds in its second year.

Collocations with biennial:
Some most commonly used collocations include:
1. Biennial event/exhibition/conference: a recurring event, exhibition, or conference that takes place every two years.
The city hosts a biennial art exhibition, attracting artists and art enthusiasts from around the world to showcase their creations.
2. Biennial report/review/survey: a document or assessment conducted and published every two years to provide updates or insights.
The company publishes a biennial sustainability report to update stakeholders on its environmental initiatives and progress.
3. Biennial cycle/pattern: a pattern or sequence of events that occurs every two years.
The migratory birds follow a biennial pattern, returning to their breeding grounds every two years.
4. Biennial growth/development: the process of growth and development that occurs over a two-year period.
The biennial tree species displays remarkable growth and development during its second year of growth.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: biannual and biennial have the same starting syllable, bi-, and a similar ending sound. This phonetic similarity can make them difficult to differentiate when spoken aloud. To avoid confusion, it’s essential to be aware of the meanings of biannual (twice a year) and biennial (every two years) and carefully consider the context in which you’re using these terms. Biannual and biennial are homophones – words that sound the same but have different meanings.