Correct spelling

explain to me

Correct spelling, explanation: explain to me is the correct phrase in English. It is a common and grammatically correct way to ask for understanding or further insight into a topic. On the other hand, the phrase explain me is not grammatically correct in English because the verb explain usually requires an indirect object introduced by the preposition to to indicate the recipient of the explanation. In English, some verbs are transitive, which means they require both a direct object (the thing being explained) and an indirect object (the person or entity receiving the explanation).

Definition of explain to me:
phrase, to make plain, clear, or intelligible something that is not known or understood
Can you explain to me what this word means?
Explain to me why you left your wife.

Collocations with explain to me:
Some most commonly used collocations include:
1. Explain to me the problem: request a breakdown or analysis of an issue or challenge.
I’m having trouble understanding this issue; can you explain the problem to me again?
2. Explain to me the theory: request an in-depth explanation of a scientific, philosophical, or conceptual theory.
The professor will explain to me the theory of relativity in tomorrow’s class.
3. Explain to me the consequences: ask someone to outline the potential outcomes or results of a particular action or event.
I need to be aware of the potential consequences; please explain them to me.
4. Explain to me the implications: seek an understanding of the broader effects or impacts of a particular situation or decision.
Before I make a decision, I want someone to explain to me the implications of each option.

Incorrect spelling

explain me

Incorrect spelling, explanation: saying explain me without the preposition to is not grammatically correct because me is a pronoun used as the direct object of the verb. Without the preposition to, the sentence lacks the required indication of who is receiving the explanation, making it incomplete and unclear. So, it is crucial to use the correct preposition to with the verb explain to convey your request for an explanation properly. The correct phrase is explain to me.