Both forms are correct.
Both licence and license exist in English, however, the usage might be confusing.

In British English license is a verb and licence is a noun. Both forms derive from Latin licentia, meaning authorisation and later freedom.
However, in American English, the spelling licence doesn’t exist. We use the spelling with s (license) for both verb and noun forms.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, this spelling exists in both American and British English and can be a verb or a noun.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, spelling correct only in British English.

Definition of license:
1. verb (UK and US), to give permission or licence to do sth
He was licensed to practice couple therapy services.
2. noun (US), freedom, permission to do sth, most often official permission, for example, certificate
I’ve had my driving license since I was 18.

Definition of licence
noun (UK), permission, often official, to do sth or to practice sth
To get a pilot licence you have to pass long and challenging training.