Spelling Tips for Mac Users

Meta description: Do you want to work seamlessly when juggling with work assignments or writing emails or maybe chatting? With Mac, you just need to know the spell feature to make your typing tasks easy.

Correct spelling is important because it makes communication clear. It improves literacy skills and creates better chances for employment. When people write, they send a specific message to their audiences. More often, many native speakers face many spelling challenges. This includes those who speak English as a second language

They are unable to spell words with similar sounds or write letter combinations correctly. Using spell checkers can help identify poorly spelled words and correct them. Mac has built-in spelling-checking tools that can help you improve your writing. You may also install basic and advanced tools to help ensure your text is perfect. Here are tips to help improve your spell check on Macs.

Why you need to elevate your spelling accuracy and efficiency on Mac

Spelling is one of the writing skills that you need to develop from an early age. Its complexity keeps changing as the language grows. Mastering quality spelling skills is critical due to a variety of factors. It offers you a wide range of benefits that enhance communication and productivity.

The latest macOS Sonoma contains a variety of integrated tools that enhance your writing. One of the best ways to install Sonoma is a clean install. It is important to understand what is a clean install. Clean installing involves formatting your hard disk before you begin the installation process. The purpose is to eliminate any junk files built into the hard drive over time. It allows you to have a fresh start with a clean system free from clutters. After macOS Sonoma installation, you can install the applications that you need. Here are the benefits of accurate and efficient spelling.

  • It makes it easier for readers to comprehend the written text. A writer needs to share the message in a language and style that readers can understand.
  • Correct spelling boosts confidence and self-esteem in writers. The writer feels confident with their text if it is free from grammar errors. It doesn’t matter if the writer is experienced or not.
  • It builds retention capacity in writers. When people write correctly they can remember the text and concepts.
  • Improves the writing skills of the authors. People who can write with perfect spelling create texts with greater cohesion and flow.

Common spelling challenges that Mac users may encounter

Writing smooth-flowing content is not easy. It doesn’t affect second-language speakers only. Native speakers also experience many common spelling challenges. They may spell several words the right way but miss many more. They experience many common spellings as follows.

  • Failure to include silent letters in words. For instance, writing the word ‘nife’ instead of ‘knife’.
  • Writing is the way the writer pronounces words. For instance, a person writes ‘morden’ instead of ‘modern’ because that’s how they pronounce it.
  • Misspelling words that have similar sounds such as fan/fun or saw/sow.
  • Wrongly placing letters where they ought not to be. For instance, a person may write ‘receive’ instead of ‘receive’.
  • Missing one letter in words with double letters such as ‘haras’ instead of ‘harass.’
  • Misspelt word forms such as ‘aparent or ‘aparrent’ instead of ‘apparent.’

There are hundreds of words that people misspell. This makes their content look unattractive. You can improve your spelling skills by writing often and reading more. Additionally, spell-checking tools can also help you improve your writing.

How to correct spelling on Mac using built-in features

Mac contains several built-in tools to help you check the correct spelling promptly. How to spell check on Mac depends on the tool you are using. Here are the main in-build spell-checking tools you can use on Mac.


Siri is a voice assistant tool integrated into macOS. The tool is not primarily built to correct spelling. However, you can use it to find out how to write words correctly. It is easy to use Siri to spell check on Mac.

  • Open Siri on your Mac and issue a voice command.
  • You may ask something like – ‘Siri, how do you spell the word computer fan correctly?

Use the Mac autocorrect feature

If you want to write correct texts with ease, the autocorrect Mac is a great way to go. This feature checks the right spelling and underlines misspelled words. It even suggests how the word ought to be written. Follow these steps to activate automatic spell check on a Mac.

  • Open the Apple menu on Mac and go to System Settings.
  • In the sidebar, click on the keyboard icon.
  • Scroll and select Text Input and then open the Edit button.
  • Click on the switch to turn on the automated Mac spell check.

Enable spell check word Mac is word processors

Your Mac’s word processor tool contains features that can help you check spelling errors. To spell check Mac on a word processor, follow these steps.

  • Open the Edit icon on the word processor.
  • Scroll down and go to the Spelling and Grammar icon.
  • Open the Check Document Now button and check the error.

How to use spell check on Mac using different tools

The Apple spell check tools use almost similar methods to check spelling errors. The tool highlights the misspelled word. Some of them offer suggestions for the correct spelling of the highlighted word. You may take any of the following steps when spell-checking.

  • You may click on the suggested word to replace the misspelled word.
  • If you feel the spelling is correct, you may ignore the suggestion.
  • You can type a different word that you feel best fits in the sentence.
  • If you feel the word is correct, you may add it to the application’s spelling dictionary.
  • You can also remove the word to ensure the system doesn’t highlight it as misspelled the next time you are writing content.

Unique third-party spelling tools for Mac

Apart from built-in spell-checking tools, you can also use a variety of third-party tools. They help to check the correctness of your content. Here are some of the widely used tools.

  • Grammarly. Grammarly is used to analyze your text and highlight any spelling errors detected. The tool also highlights several suggestions to help you correct spelling errors in an instant. You can add it to your browser as a plugin to help write correctly regardless of the browser writing tool you are using.
  • QuillBot. QuillBot is mainly used as a paraphrasing tool. However, it contains a grammar and spell-checking feature. It scans your text to check for errors and highlight them. It includes editing suggestions.
  • Language. Language is another tool that helps you write correctly. It allows you to use up to 30 languages and choose the right phrases for your texts. You just need to select and paste your text to use the tool.
  • Ginger. Ginger is a choice tool for correcting severe writing errors. It highlights every error including spelling and punctuation errors. You may choose to use the tool for auto or manual correction.


Content writing offers a great way to communicate with your audiences. However, if your text contains poorly spelled words, it cannot entice your audiences to read it. Any content that is well-edited and free from spelling errors is attractive. It clearly communicates your intended message. On your part, you will feel confident and your document readability will improve. There are a variety of macOS built-in spell-checking tools that you can use. You may also opt for third-party tools that contain more features to help perfect your content.