Correct spelling


Correct spelling, definition: acing is a derivative of the verb ace. To create a present participle/gerund, one must add the regular suffix -ing to the end of this word – the general rule is to add -ing to the verb. Although, when a verb ends in a silent -e, we drop the -e. Therefore, the correct form is acing and the incorrect one is aceing.

Definition of acing:
verb (present participle), serving an ace against in tennis
Jake aced his opponent 10 times.
If you’re asking about one person that’s acing it, it’s definitely John!

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, definition: this mistake may come from the fact that the basic word for the present participle/gerund of this word is ace. When we create a new form, we add the suffix -ing to the end of the root. The thing is that if a verb ends with a vowel -e, this letter must disappear in the present participle/gerund. That’s why the correct spelling is acing, not aceing.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling