Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: as the base form of the verb admitted is to admit, many users of English make a mistake by spelling the word as admited. The rule, however, says that when a verb ends in a consonant that is preceded by a single vowel, we need to double the consonant while adding -ed or -ing ending to the word. Therefore, the only correct form is admitted.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: admitted is a popular English reporting verb, which entered English in the times of late Middle English from a Latin form admittere. The base of the word is to admit, but it is worth noticing that when we add the -ed ending, we need to double the -t letter.

Definition of admitted:
verb (past and past participle) – to agree with something, often unwillingly,
He admitted that he hadn’t answered my phones on purpose.
verb (past and past participle) – when you are allowed to enter a place,
I was admitted to the party only because I had a formal invitation.
verb (past and past participle) – to go to the hospital to get medical care,
I was admitted to the hospital for a check-up after the car accident.

Collocations with admitted:
Some common collocations include: admitted defeat, admitted guilt, admitted a charge:
He admitted his defeat by resigning from the job and leaving without saying goodbye to anyone.
He was truly sorry and admitted his guilt to her.
The club admitted a charge of $20 to enter it.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling