Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word actual has a simple spelling, but still it is very often misspelled as actuall. The mistake probably comes from the fact that one of the most popular words from the same word family, which is actually, is spelled with a double l letter. Many users of English believe that the same happens with actual while the only correct spelling is with a single l letter.

Definition of actual:
1. adjective – existing as a fact,
The government announced that there had been 30 victims of the flood so far, but the actual number may be much higher.
2. adverb – precisely that,
This is the actual book, which I got from my grandmother when I was a child.

Phrases with actual:
Some common phrases with actual include: actual price, actual cost, and in actual fact.
The actual price of petrol isn’t as high as you think and it’s often the taxes which make it so expensive.
It’s true that the university is free, but when you think about accommodation, food, and books the actual cost of education is quite high.
Most people didn’t like her because she was a demanding teacher, but in actual fact, she was doing a really good job.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: the word actual derives from the Late Latin forms actus and actualis. Then, in the form actuel, it appeared in Old French, in which it had the meaning of active or practical. First, it entered English as act, which became actual in Middle English.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling