Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: probably the most common word from the word family of actual is actually. Because of that many learners and even native users of English think that actual also features a double l letter and they spell the word as actuall, which is wrong.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: actual comes from Latin, in which it looked as actualis or actis. The word could also be found in Old French, where it used to mean practical or active and it had the form actuel. Finally, the word appeared in Middle English as act and then as actual.

Definition of actual:
1. adjective – something which is a fact,
It was supposed to be one of the biggest concerts ever, but the actual number of people who came wasn’t impressive at all.
2. adverb – when we want to point out to some specific thing or person,
That’s the actual man who followed me yesterday.

Collocations with actual:
A few common collocations with actual include: actual amount, actual results, and actual sales.
The actual amount of sugar you use in this cake might be smaller if you don’t like very sweet things.
The actual results of the exams were much poorer than it was expected.
A new car make was supposed to be a hit on the market, but the actual sales weren’t as good as expected.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling