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Correct spelling, explanation: airborne is a word of Old French origin, which is clearly visible in its pronunciation and spelling. When it comes to grammar airborne is an adjective that functions in an everyday context, but also in a military language.

Definition of airborne:
adjective – being in the air, transmitted by wind or air, or related to military air forces,
The plane was so old that I was afraid it wouldn’t go airborne.
It is an airborne virus so it is wise to wear a face mask these days.
The airborne forces entered the territory of their enemies.

Expressions with airborne:
Some typical expressions with airborne include:
airborne attack – the military attack from the air,
The airborne attack destroyed most of the city.
airborne pollen – pollen transmitted by air,
This airborne pollen is a real nightmare for allergy sufferers.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: airborne is a troublesome word for many English users who are often unsure about its spelling and pronunciation. In the case of the former one, a common mistake is to spell the word as airbourne. The latter one is also confusing as there are two possibilities: ˈeər·bɔrn or -boʊrn.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling