Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word airborne entered English from Old French, in which it also referred to air and atmosphere. In English, it has similar connotations, but it is widely used in the military language, too. The spelling of the word airborne causes some trouble so always check twice if you’ve spelled it right.

Definition of airborne:
adjective – a plane that is in the air,
Once the plane got airborne, I fell asleep.
adjective – connected with military air forces,
The airborne troops used parachutes to land on the enemy’s territory.
adjective – carried by wind or air, e.g. a virus or bacteria,
It is an airborne type of disease so it spreads really quickly.

Collocations with airborne:
Some common collocations include airborne disease, airborne forces, and airborne division.
The transmission of airborne diseases happens really quickly.
The airborne forces of the country are responsible for the victory over the enemy.
He has been in charge of the airborne division for many years.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: a common mistake made by users of English is to add an extra -u letter in the middle of the word airborne, which results in an incorrect form airbourne. The mistake is probably the consequence of the fact that a possible pronunciation of the word is either ˈeər·bɔrn or -boʊrn and that’s why the spelling might be confusing, too. The only correct form, however, is airborne.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling