Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: aqueduct is an aquatic duct – and the Latin word for water is aqua, so this spelling may not be as intuitive. Bear in mind, that while in English water may work as both the noun and the adjective, in Latin there is a distinction, so the word is not based on aqua, but aquae – which means aquatic, so aqueduct is the correct spelling.

Definition of aquaduct:
1. a duct, pipe, or bridge structure meant for transporting water
Old Roman aqueducts are an interesting tourist attraction for many.
We have to renovate all the water lines, pipes, aqueducts, and plumbing.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: you may already know that aqua is Latin for water, so it may seem intuitive that aquaduct is the correct spelling. There is a catch, though – aqua is a noun, and aquae (which was shortened to aque- in English) is the adjective that is actually used in compounds such as aqueduct.