Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the correct form around derives from the word round with prefix a-. The meaning, therefore, derives from cycling, going in circles. The base word round is spelled with one r with no need to add another with the prefix. This is why arround is an incorrect spelling, and the correct one is around.

Definition of around:
1. adverb, surrounding, in circle
Please don’t gather around! Let the police do their job.
2. adverb, approximately
I will pick you up around 5 o’clock.
3. preposition, to be on all sides or surrounding something else
Scouts were sitting around the campfire.

Idioms and phrases with around:
what goes around comes around, used to say that with every action one should be aware of the consequences:
You shouldn’t ignore people around you who need help. Remember – what goes around comes around.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: double r in this case is unnecessary as the correct form around has its roots in round, which is spelled with one consonant r. First meanings of this word were connected to going in circles, and moving round. Arround is therefore incorrect, because we don’t double the r when adding the prefix here.