Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: a popular English verb to cancel has only one -l letter and because of that many users of English believe that the same happens in the case of cancellation and they spell the word as cancelation. This form is considered to be wrong in British English, but it is used in American English.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word cancellation belongs to the same word family as the verb to cancel. The origin of both words can be tracked in Latin and, more precisely, in the form cancelli, which later entered Old French as canceller. Finally, it appeared in Middle English and the meaning of cancellation was to delete writing by drawing lines across it.

Definition of cancellation:
1. noun – calling off some arranged event or stopping the order of goods;
I was late for my job interview due to the train cancellation.
You need to inform us about the cancellation of the goods ordered by email.

Expressions and phrases with cancellation:
Some commonly used expressions with cancellation are: cause a cancellation, have a cancellation, and cancellation charge.
The windy weather caused the cancellation of our flight to Spain.
If we have a cancellation of the tickets, we will let you know.
The cancellation charge doesn’t apply if you inform us about it at least three days before the event.