Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: careing is the mistaken form of the adjective caring. In adjectives created from verbs with silent e at the end, e have to be removed before adding the suffix -ing. So, if caring comes from the verb care, when we apply the mentioned rule, we get the spelling caring as the correct one and see that careing is clearly a mistake.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: caring is the correct spelling of an adjective originating from the verb care. Because care ends with a silent e, to create an adjective we have to drop the letter e before adding the suffix -ing. For that reason, spelling careing is incorrect, because the only correct one is caring without e.

Definition of caring:
adjective: someone or something that is compassionate, kind, and concerned for others;
I have always considered her a caring person and her work with elders shows clearly how much empathy she has.
She is more caring towards her dog than her children, it is bizarre.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling