Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: cryed is an incorrect form because as a rule the y at the end of the word is changed to i when a suffix is added. There are exceptions to this rule when there is a vowel before the y, but in the case of cry, there is no vowel and no reason to keep the y. Cryed may seem similar to dyed but those words are created in different ways, as the stem word in dyed (dye) ends in e” and also has the vowel y before it, thus conforming to the rule of not changing the ending vowel. This is why cried is the only correct form.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: cried is the only correct past form of the verb cry. The word undergoes the process of regular suffixation: cry + ed, where the letter y changes to i. This is because y at the end of verbs has to be changed into i when creating the past tense with the suffix, except for when another vowel stands before the y (e.g. play + ed → played not plaied). In the case of cry, there is a consonant before y so it has to be changed to i, making cried the correct form.

Definition of cried:
Verb, past tense of cry:
1. To shed tears, usually due to sadness or a different strong emotion or feeling
I cried all night after I had failed all of my exams.
2. To call out or shout
She cried for help but no one could hear her.
3. A loud noise made by an animal
The forest was almost completely quiet, only the night birds cried in the distance.