Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: an English word that has its roots in Germanic languages. Today it functions either as an adjective or as a past or past participle form of the verb to dry. It is worth mentioning that when a verb ends in -y which is preceded by a consonant we change it to -i and then add an -ed ending, which results in the correct form dried.

Definition of dried:
1. adjective – refers to food or plants that have all the liquid removed, which makes them fresh for longer,
I like to add some dried fruit to my breakfast as it is more nutritious then.
2. verb (past and past participle form) – to completely remove water from something, to make something dry,
It was such a hot day that I dried my clothes in the sun.

Collocations and phrases with dried
Some typical collocations include dried fruit, dried flowers, cut and dried (easy to understand), and sun-dried:
You should include dried fruit into your diet as it is a great source of vitamins and minerals.
Dried flowers can give your living room a fresh and elegant look.
Most of his lectures are cut and dried, but that one was exceptionally difficult.
The taste of sun-dried tomatoes is beyond compare.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: many English users mistakenly believe that in order to form the past simple or past participle form of the verb to dry it is enough just to add an -ed ending to it, which gives the incorrect form dryed. In case of such words – which end in -y preceded by a consonant, we first need to change it to -i and then add -ed, which gives dried – the only correct form.