Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word eligible appeared in the times of Middle English from French. However, the origin of the word can be found in the Latin form eligere, which could be translated as to choose. Then in Late Latin eligibilis appeared, which was closer in spelling and meaning to the modern English form eligible.

Definition of eligible:
1. adjective – refers to something satisfying and meeting the requirements;
With such good grades, you will be eligible for a scholarship.
2. adjective – refers to an unmarried person who is considered to be a promising candidate for marriage;
I don’t know even a single eligible bachelor in this area.

Phrases with eligible:
A few useful phrases include:
1. eligible voters – people who have the right to vote;
It’s a shame that so few eligible voters take part in the general elections.
2. eligible bachelor – a man who is considered to be an attractive candidate for marriage;
With his money and position, Jack is probably the most eligible bachelor you could ever find.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: the word eligible is often misspelled as eligable by both learners and native speakers of English. It is probably the consequence of the fact that the -able ending is one of the most common adjectives endings. However, in the case of this particular word the only correct option is eligible.