Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: a common English mistake made by both learners and native users of English is to spell the word finished with a double -n in the middle, which results in an incorrect form finnished. The only correct spelling, though, is finished, which features a single -n letter.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the root of the word finished can be found in the Latin expression finis, which used to have a similar meaning to the contemporary one. In English, the word finished appeared in the Middle Ages when it came from an Old French form feniss.

Definition of finished:
1. an adjective – refers to something which is completed and done;
My work today is finished and I can finally go home and have a long weekend.
2. verb (past and past participle form) – to end or complete something;
He finished the race in second position, which was a wonderful result.

Collocations with finished:
Some common collocations include: nearly finished, finally finished, finished by something;
She nearly finished as the first one, but unfortunately, in the last round, she was overtaken by her opponent.
They finally finished their house redecoration, which took almost two months.
He finished by saying that he was leaving the job, which shocked everyone.