Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: the word hardware is often misspelled as hardwear. It is a common mistake as the words wear and ware have the same pronunciation, but different meanings and spelling – they are so-called homophones. Therefore, always double-check if you spell the word hardware correctly.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word hardware could have already been found in the 15th century, but naturally it did not refer to a computer back then, but to some small metal objects and tools. In 1947 the word hardware was used for the first time in the context of computer equipment and today it is its main reference.

Definition of hardware:
1. noun – refers to different types of equipment, especially connected with computers or military, but it can also refer to house or garden tools;
Computer hardware has been less expensive recently when compared to the prices from a few years ago.
He is keen on DIY so he has a cellar full of various hardware.

Phrases with hardware:
Some common phrases include a piece of hardware, computer hardware, and hardware manufacturer;
A screw is a piece of hardware that should be found in every house.
You are not allowed to take any piece of computer hardware outside the company.
They are the main military hardware manufacturer in the country.