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Correct spelling, explanation: hearty and hardy are two completely different words, although they sound exactly like. While both adjectives are related to positive qualities, their etymological roots are distinct, with hardy having a more direct connection to physical or mental toughness and hearty being rooted in attributes related to the heart, courage, and warmth. It’s important to be careful not to confuse hearty with hardy because using them interchangeably can lead to misunderstandings in communication.

Definition of hearty:
1. adjective, loudly vigorous and cheerful
Even on the gloomiest of days, Sarah’s hearty laughter and upbeat attitude can brighten anyone’s mood.
The team received a hearty round of applause from the audience after their outstanding performance on stage.
2. adjective (of food), wholesome and substantial
After a long day of hiking in the cold mountains, we enjoyed a hearty meal of hot soup and freshly baked bread.
The hearty stew, filled with tender chunks of meat and a variety of vegetables, warmed us up on the cold winter evening.

Collocations with :
Some most commonly used collocations include:
1. Hearty breakfast: a substantial and satisfying morning meal, often including items like eggs, bacon, sausage, and toast.
I had a hearty breakfast to fuel up for the busy day ahead.
2. Hearty laughter: a genuine and hearty burst of laughter, indicating genuine amusement or joy.
Their jokes always lead to hearty laughter in the room.
3. Hearty appetite: a strong and healthy appetite for food.
After a day of hiking, we had a hearty appetite and devoured a big dinner.
4. Hearty welcome: a warm and enthusiastic greeting or reception, often given to someone who has arrived after a long absence.
They gave him a hearty welcome home after his overseas trip.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word hardy has an interesting etymology. It has evolved over time from Old French to Middle English, ultimately originating from the Old High German word harti and the Old Norse word harðr, both of which meant hard or bold. In Modern English, hardy continued to develop into its current form, retaining the meanings of both physical and mental toughness, as well as the ability to endure challenging or harsh conditions. It sounds exactly like hearty, but these two adjectives are not related in meaning.