Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: the only correct spelling of the word is potential. However, many users of English make this word longer and spell it as potentional. It is incorrect, though, so do not use it.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: potential derives from the Latin word potent and it entered English in this form in late Middle English. Initially, it was a verb, which meant to be able. Later, however, the word potential has evolved and today it is mainly an adjective and a noun.

Definition of potential:
1. adjective – when it is possible that something will happen,
She is a potential investor but wants to know all the details of the project.
2. noun – the maximum you can get when it comes to your abilities,
If you want to fulfill your full potential, you need to develop your skills constantly.

Expressions with potential:
Some common expressions with the word include to show potential, to have the potential for something, and see the potential.
He showed promising potential as a leader of the project.
You clearly have potential for being a good manager.
He saw the potential in a new product even before he launched it.