Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: a common mistake made by both native users of English and its learners is to spell the word illogical as ilogical. The mistake comes from the fact that the word logical starts with an -l letter and some people mistakenly think that when you add the -il prefix to the word, one -l letter disappears. However, it doesn’t happen like that and the only correct spelling is illogical.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the root of the word illogical is logic, which comes from the Greek word logos. The basic meaning of the word used to be reason. The word entered Old French, too, and later – in the 14th century – it appeared in English. Illogical is a negative adjective, which is created by the combination of the prefix -il and the adjective logical.

Definition of illogical:
1. adjective – not reasonable or practical;
His decision of quitting his job was totally illogical and nobody could understand it.

Collocations with illogical:
Some common collocations with illogical include: seem illogical, completely illogical, strictly illogical;
Taking a longer way seems illogical to me if we can simply take a shortcut.
Taking into account his really poor math skills, it was completely illogical that he took a math course at college.
At first, his solution to the problem sounded strictly illogical, but after a while, I started to understand his way of thinking.