Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: inflamed is a word built by adding the suffixes to the base word flamein-flame-ed. The prefix in- means in or on – in this case, it means roughly in flames – and the ending -ed is there to create a past participle. Here, one e is omitted as usually is when we add -ed to a verb ending in e. What is most important here, is that the base word in inflamed is flame and this should guide you when writing this word.

Definition of inflamed:
past participle, adjective
1. in a state of intensity or irritation
His unpleasant comments only further inflamed the public dislike for him.
2. about a body part: in a state of inflammation; red, swollen, and burning
I got a nasty paper cut that got infected and it’s now inflamed and painful.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: it may look okay, but inflammed is an incorrect word. The reason is actually quite simple – between the suffixes in- and -ed, there is a base word flame. Based on that, we can clearly see where inflamed could come from, but there is no good reason to add another m. Sometimes consonants are indeed doubled when we add -ed, but this is not the case when the base word already ends in e.