Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: spelling ledgend is incorrect. Legend is a word of Latin origin and in general, in these words, g is not changed do dg sound.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: legend is based on the Latin root legere or legenda, and in its original form it was read with a hard g (like in dog). In English dg would not suggest this pronunciation which may be a suggestion why legend is written the way it is.

Definition of legend:
1. A widely known old tale, usually fiction, connected to a place or tradition.
My grandma knew a lot of fantastic legends surrounding the local forest.
2. A person who is considered an example of success, famous in their field of work.
For me, Marilyn Monroe is the biggest legend of the cinema of the last century.

Idioms and phrases with legend:
1. what legends are made of – qualities and characteristics believed to make people into recognizable and successful people who are remembered.
Patience, hard work, and consistency are what legends are made of.