Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: legend comes from Latin legere, although some things changed over time, including the pronunciation with a soft g, which differs from the original Latin one with a hard g sound. The soft g is represented in English with many different letters including j (jog) or dg (dodge) which can make it confusing to grasp the spelling. In the case of legend, the spelling with a simple g is based on the Latin root and the original Latin pronunciation.

Definition of legend:
1. An old story, sometimes fantastic, often describing the establishment or history of locally known places.
When I was little I loved reading legends about dragons and mythical creatures.
2. A person who achieved great success in their field, an icon.
I hope if I work hard I can become a legend of ballet.

Idioms and phrases with legend:
1. Living legend – a person whose success and fame are enormous and recognized while they are still alive and active in their career:
Lionel Messi is considered to be a living legend of football.
2. Urban legend – a local story, usually not as old as a typical legend, concerning a place in the city; often scary and mysterious
There was this story of a creepy murderer living under the local bridge, but it’s probably just another urban legend.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: spelling ledgend may seem convincing as it suggests the same pronunciation as legend and may also remind us of an existing word ledger, but it’s not correct. Legend comes from the Latin legere while ledger comes from old English ligger.