Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: the word maintained is often confusing for a number of English speakers as they mix it with another word from this word family, which is maintenance. As a result, a common mistake is to spell maintained as maintenanced, which is incorrect as maintenance is a noun and not a verb.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: maintained is the past and past participle form of the verb maintain. The word appeared in English in the times of Middle English and it could be translated as practice an action repeatedly. The origin of maintained can be found in the Latin form manu tenere, which meant hold in the hand. Before maintained entered English, the word was also influenced by an Old French form maintenir.

Definition of maintained:
1. verb (past and past participle form) – to continue to have, to keep something,
In the past, this restaurant maintained high standards and I often went there, but now it has become really poor.
2. verb (past and past participle form) – to keep something, e.g. a building in a good condition,
The city authorities maintained the roads really poorly and that was the main reason why the citizens protested.
3. verb (past and past participle form) – to strongly stick to your belief that something is true,
He spent most of his life in prison, but he always maintained his innocence.

Collocations with maintained:
A few common collocations with maintained are: properly maintained, well maintained, and poorly maintained.
If you want your car to serve you well for long years, it needs to be properly maintained.
I’ve been renting the flat in this building for a few years and I can’t say a bad word – it’s in a great location and is really well maintained.
The machine was poorly maintained and that’s why it got broken so quickly.