Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: both modelling and modeling are correct spellings, but their usage depends on the English variant you are using. Modelling is the British English spelling. Modeling is the American English spelling. So, you can use either form based on the conventions of the English you are using. If you’re writing for a British audience or using British English, use modelling. If you’re writing for an American audience or using American English, use modeling.

Definition of modelling:
1. Noun, the job of wearing clothes, jewelry, etc. in order to advertise them
Emma pursued a career in modelling and quickly became a sought-after fashion model, gracing the covers of prestigious magazines around the world.
Jason’s dream of modelling for high-end brands came true when he signed a contract with a renowned modeling agency in Paris.
2. Noun, the activity of using mathematical models to make calculations or predict what might happen
The scientist spent months modelling complex equations to simulate the behavior of the new chemical compound in different environments.
The team of engineers excelled at modelling structural dynamics, enabling them to predict how the bridge would respond to various loads and conditions.

Collocations with modelling:
Some most commonly used collocations include:
1. Fashion modelling: engaging in the profession or practice of displaying and promoting clothing and accessories.
She entered the world of fashion modelling at a young age and quickly rose to prominence.
2. Mathematical modelling: creating and using mathematical representations to describe and analyze real-world systems or phenomena.
The researchers used mathematical modelling to predict the trajectory of the satellite.
3. Computer modelling: utilizing computer programs and simulations to replicate and analyze the behavior of complex systems.
The engineers relied on computer modelling to test the structural integrity of the new building design.
4. Economic modelling: applying mathematical and statistical techniques to analyze and forecast economic trends and phenomena.
The economist used economic modelling to assess the potential impact of the new policy on inflation.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: both modeling and modelling are correct forms. The distinction lies in regional spelling preferences, so select the form that aligns with the language style you’re employing. If you’re following American English conventions, use modeling. If you’re adhering to British English conventions, opt for modelling. Choose the spelling that is consistent with the style guide or regional conventions you’re following.