Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: the word open has a relatively easy spelling, but still it causes some trouble as it is often misspelled as oppen. It is probably the result of the pronunciation, which sometimes might suggest that there is a double -p letter. However, it is wrong and the only correct spelling is open.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word open has its origin in Germanic and Dutch languages, and in English, it already appeared in Old English, in the form open or openian. Today, open is one of the most popular English words and it functions as an adjective or as a verb.

Definition of open:
1. adjective – not closed;
Could you leave the door open?
2. adjective – available, without limits;
You will find a new job once you open yourself to new possibilities.
3. adjective – honest;
Could you be open with me and tell me what the matter is.
4. verb – to make an action so that something is not closed,
Let’s open all the windows for a few minutes.
5. verb – to begin, to start with;
I’d like to open my speech with a short introduction of our guest.

Collocations with open:
A few interesting and popular collocations include:
1. open seat – free job position;
There is an open seat for an IT specialist and I think you should apply for it.
2. open market – in economics it means that everybody can enter the market with their products or services;
In an open market, the prices get very competitive.
3. open-air – used to describe a place without a roof or an event that takes place outdoors;
Next week we’re organizing an open-air market where we are going to sell out local products.