Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: quizes is not the right spelling, because it ignores an important participle. As you can notice, this version only contains one -z letter. The right version should be written down with two -z letters. Why? If we want to create a plural form of the noun quiz, we need to add -es (instead of -s) to it – the -z letter can’t be followed by -s. The -e in quizzes has a short vowel sound and consonants in words with short vowel sounds are usually doubled. This is the explanation why this noun should be spelled quizzes, not quizes.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: if you’re wondering why there’s a double consonant in that word, we’re coming to help. Quizzes is the plural form of the noun quiz, which is commonly used in English. It consists of three parts: quiz + z + es. Quiz is the word-formation basis, -z is doubled, and -es is a plural suffix, as well as just -s. In this case, we have to add -es to the root, because it ends with -z. The -e letter has a short vowel sound. The crucial rule is: consonants in words with short vowel sounds are doubled very often. Therefore, the only correct spelling is quizzes, not quizes.

Definition of quizzes:
noun, plural of quiz, a game or competition in which you answer questions
There are many quizzes in my school. I don’t mind them though.
Historical quizzes are the worst. I hate them!

Collocations with quizzes:
Some most commonly used collocations include: online quizzes, take quizzes, and quizzes on [something].
I really hope that our mid-term exams will be in the form of online quizzes.
I love to take quizzes about my favorite TV shows.
Our quizzes on algebra will be really difficult.