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Correct spelling, explanation: the words re-sign and resign have distinct etymologies, and their origins are not directly related. Re-sign is a combination of the prefix re- and the verb sign. The re- prefix is added to convey the idea of signing something again or renewing a commitment. The hyphen is used to clarify that it is distinct from resign. While both words involve the concept of signing, resign has its roots in Latin and Middle English, emphasizing giving up or relinquishing a position.

Definition of re-sign:
Verb, sign (a document) again or (of a sports player) commit oneself to play for a team for a further period
After negotiations with the team management, the star player decided to re-sign with the club for another season, securing a contract extension.
Realizing the importance of continuity in the project, the company offered the experienced project manager the opportunity to re-sign and lead the team for the next phase of development.

Collocations with re-sign:
Some most commonly used collocations include:
1. Re-sign a contract: refers to the action of signing a contract again, often indicating the renewal of an existing agreement.
The athlete chose to re-sign a contract with the team, committing to several more years of play.
2. Re-sign a deal: indicates the act of signing an agreement or deal again, often after negotiations or modifications.
After weeks of negotiations, the parties were able to reach an agreement and re-sign the deal.
3. Re-sign with a team: describes the decision of a player or individual to sign a new contract or agreement with the same team.
The talented player decided to re-sign with the team that had been instrumental in his career.
4. Re-sign an agreement: similar to re-sign a deal, emphasizing the act of signing an agreement again.
The companies were pleased to re-sign an agreement that solidified their long-standing partnership.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: distinguishing between resign and re-sign is important, and it primarily comes down to the presence of a hyphen and the context in which the words are used. Resign (without a hyphen) means to voluntarily quit or leave a job, position, or responsibility. Re-sign (with a hyphen) as a verb means to sign again, often indicating the renewal of a contract, commitment, or agreement. Paying attention to the surrounding context and the nature of the action involved (leaving a position vs. renewing a commitment) helps clarify the intended meaning.