Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: photograph is a common English word, but its spelling causes some trouble to both learners and native speakers of English. When we pronounce the word, it is not so clear that there is a letter -o in the middle and many users think that the same happens in writing and they spell the word as photgraph, which is wrong.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: this English word actually combines two Greek words – phos and graphe – which can literally be translated as drawing with light. In modern English photograph is either a noun or a verb and is widely used in both formal and informal contexts.

Definition of photograph:
1. noun/verb – a photo or to take a photo with a camera,
She still keeps a photograph of her ex-husband in her wallet.
His job is to photograph some of the best models in the world.

Expressions with photograph:
Some widely used expressions with the word photograph include black and white photograph, clear photograph, facial photograph, and publish a photograph.
I want to hang some black and white photographs on the bedroom wall.
You need to include a clear photograph in your portfolio.
Please attach a facial photograph with your CV.
We will publish a photograph of yours in the next edition of a magazine.