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Correct spelling, explanation: the word relive is formed by combining the prefix re- (meaning again or back) with the verb live. It entered the English language during the 16th century, deriving from the concept of experiencing something again, particularly past events, memories, or moments. The re- prefix indicates the idea of repetition or return to a previous state, and live in this context refers to the experience of life or existence. The words relieve and relive have distinct etymological origins and meanings.

Definition of relive:
verb, live through (an experience or feeling) again in one’s imagination or memory
As she flipped through the photo album, she couldn’t help but relive the joyful moments of her graduation day.
The historical reenactment allowed participants to relive the events of a bygone era, giving them a sense of connection to the past.

Collocations with relive:
Some most commonly used collocations include:
1. Relive memories: to experience past events or moments again in your mind.
Looking at old photographs allowed her to relive cherished memories from her childhood.
2. Relive the past: to revisit or reexperience events, feelings, or situations from an earlier time.
While exploring the historical village, he felt like he was reliving the past, imagining life as it was centuries ago.
3. Relive a moment: to vividly recall and emotionally experience a specific past event.
As the couple danced to their favorite song, they couldn’t help but relive the magical moment of their first date.
4. Relive a childhood: to bring back and emotionally connect with memories from one’s early years.
Visiting the playground brought back a flood of memories, allowing her to relive her carefree childhood.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word relieve comes from the Old French word relever, which is a combination of the prefix re- (meaning again or back) and the verb lever (meaning to lift or to raise). It entered English from Old French during the Middle English period. Over time, its meaning expanded to include notions of alleviating or lessening various types of burdens, pressures, discomforts, and difficulties. The etymology of the words relieve and relive is distinct, and they have different origins and historical developments.