Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: this mistake may come from the fact that the basic form of the present participle/gerund of this word is step, not stepp. When we create a present participle/gerund, we add the -ing suffix to the end of the root, but if a word ends with a stressed consonant and a single vowel, we need to double that consonant. That’s why the correct spelling is stepping, not steping.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: stepping is a present participle/gerund form of the verb step. As you can see, to create this form, we need to do two things: first, add the popular suffix -ing to the word base, second, double the last consonant, i.e. -p. One of the rules states that when a verb ends in one vowel and a consonant, the latter needs to be doubled. Thus, steping is a mistake and you should spell this word as stepping.

Definition of stepping:
noun (gerund), move or walk a short distance
Stepping outside wasn’t an option because of the low temperature.
My daughter has always dreamt of stepping up to the podium.

Phrasal verbs with stepping:
Some most commonly used phrasal verbs include:
step aside – leave a job or position so that someone else can take over
step back – look at something from a different perspective
step in – get involved by interrupting something
step forward – offer help