Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: a common mistake in the word submit made by many English users is to spell the base form as submitt, with a double -t letter, which is wrong. The mistake is probably the result of the fact that when we add an ending to the verb submit, e.g -ed or -ing, the -t letter at the end, indeed, is doubled, which gives submitted or submitting. The infinitive form, however, is submit.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: submit is an English word of Latin origin, which appeared in English in Middle English. The Latin form that submit comes from is submittere, which could be translated as present for judgement. Today, the word has a different meaning and it functions as a rather formal verb.

Definition of submit:
1. verb – when you officially ask, often on paper, for a decision on something;
Once you submit your application form, you will get the confirmation via email.
2. verb – when you, unwillingly, have to accept that somebody has power over you;
She really wanted to get promoted but was forced to submit by her boss.

Phrases with submit:
Some popular phrases with submit include: to submit your resignation, to submit a plan, to submit a request;
It was a difficult decision, but finally, he went to his boss and decided to submit his resignation.
If you want your project to get started, first, you need to submit a plan.
We will deal with your matter only if you submit a formal request.