Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: to double a consonant in a word is a common mistake. In the case of the word tenant it usually refers to the first -n. Users of English often double it in writing, however, the form tennant is wrong. The mistake probably comes from the proximity of the second -n, which in pronunciation may sound as if there was a double.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word comes from a Latin form tenere, which evolved into the form tenant in Old French and later was adopted by Middle English and in such a form is still present today. The literal meaning of the word tenant used to be holding, which developed into a current meaning. It functions as a noun or as a verb.

Definition of tenant:
1. noun – a person who uses a building or land because he or she pays the rent to the owner,
As a tenant you can use the property as you wish, but remember to keep it clean and well-maintained.
2. verb – to use a building or land as a tenant,
The old house was tenanted by my close friend.

Collocations with the word tenant:
1. Life tenant – a person who can officially use a building or land for as long as he or she lives.
2. Anchor tenant – it refers to the biggest and most well-known company that is the first one to rent some part of a larger property and due to its recognition is supposed to attract other tenants.
3. Sitting tenant – a person who has a legal right to use a property that he or she rents.
Other common collocations include the phrases commercial tenant, law-income tenant, and current tenant.