Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: as a general rule, even if the pronunciation is the same, we do not leave clusters such as ys in spelling (hence trys is the incorrect spelling), at least not without an apostrophe in case of proper names. In the case of the third form of verbs, it is established that y is changed into ie, as this spelling is much more intuitive for the speakers.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: tries is a third person present form of try. These words are created by adding a suffix s or es as needed. In the case of verbs ending in y in their base form, the y is turned into ie, as it is the most intuitive graphic representation of a diphthong here. This is why cry becomes cries, dry becomes dries, and try becomes tries.

Definition of tries:
verb, third-person form of try
1. to attempt to do something
Albert still tries to learn to play guitar, but he’s bad at it.
2. to see how something works, to test something (often: try out)
Susan is very thorough, so she tries everything out before she buys it.
noun, plural of try
1. multiple attempts to do something
I had three tries to score this goal, and I finally scored at the third one.