Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: turkies is the misspelled form of the plural of turkey. The correct spelling is only turkeys, because when a noun ends with a vowel and y we have to add s at the end and not ies like in other nouns ending with y. For that reason, form turkies is incorrect and we should use only turkeys.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: turkeys is the correct spelling of the plural of turkey. Turkey is one of the nouns ending with y that do not create a plural ending with ies. The version turkies is not correct, because when a noun ends with a vowel and y only consonant s have to be added at the end. Therefore, the right form is turkeys.

Definition of turkeys:
noun (plural): a large farm bird grown for food or the flesh of this bird;
When I retire, I will buy a small farm and grow chickens and turkeys there.
My new diet is focused on vegetables, but I can eat turkeys and a little bit of seafood.