Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word unwieldy appeared in Old English and its meaning was not active as -un means not whereas wieldy meant active. Later, the meaning has changed and in contemporary English, it is used in a different context, but still, it refers to something unhandy that it is difficult to be active with.

Definition of unwieldy:
1. adjective – refers to an unhandy object or to an ineffective system or organization;
We need to grab this unwieldy box together and put it on the table.
The financial sector of the company is too large, which makes it really unwieldy.

Phrases with unwieldy:
Some common phrases with the word include: an unwieldy bureaucracy, an unwieldy object, an unwieldy system.
There are many complaints about the unwieldy bureaucracy of this office.
It is such an unwieldy object that I couldn’t carry it on my own.
The unwieldy system of the company is the main reason why people resign from the job.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: unwieldy is a troublesome word when it comes to spelling as it looks quite uncommon. The most frequent mistakes include mixing -i with -e and adding the -l letter in the last syllable, which results in an incorrect form unweildly.