Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: this spelling, view, is in line with Middle English vi(e)we, as well as with pronunciation /vju:/ [vyoo]. Veiw is the wrong form, it would be pronounced in a completely different way. View is the only correct spelling.

Definition of view:
noun, ability to see something from a particular place, or: this particular place one can see; an opinion
Let’s take a room with a view of the shore.
We had completely different views on the topic, so it was hard to find a solution.
verb, to watch something, to show the view
We are viewing some new apartments today and we are very excited.
You can view some newspapers in this part of the store.

Idioms and expressions with view:
point of view, one’s way of thinking on the particular topic
In my point of view, a healthy lifestyle isn’t just exercise but also your diet.
in view of something, because of something, in particular circumstances
In view of the new opening hours, we need to change our shifts.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: veiw is an incorrect form, because the word view comes from Middle English viewe. Moreover the pronunciation points to view – it is /vju:/, while veiw would be pronounced in a different way. These reasons point to view as the correct form.