Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: able is a common ending of a number of English words. Its spelling, however, sometimes changes depending on the word. For instance, in the word visible there is no -a letter, but -i. Many learners of English do not know that and often make the mistake of spelling the word as visable, which is incorrect.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word visible derives from videre, which was a Latin verb meaning to see. Before it entered Middle English, it could also be found in Old French, in which it had the form visibilis. Today, it is a widely used adjective in both spoken and written language.

Definition of visible:
1. adjective – seen or attracting a lot of attention:
He always wears really visible clothes so you will easily recognize him.
He is a visible spokesperson, who always attracts a lot of listeners.

Collocations with visible:
These are some of the well-known collocations: become visible, make something visible, clearly visible
You need to become more visible in the company if you want to get promoted.
Make the advert more visible so that more passers-by will notice it.
It is clearly visible that he doesn’t love you anymore.