Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: the pronunciation of the word withdrawal doesn’t fully match its spelling. As a result, a common mistake made by many English users is to spell withdrawal as withdrawl – without the -a letter before -l. This form is wrong and the only correct spelling is withdrawal.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the origin of withdrawal is unclear, but it’s probably the Latin form retrahere, which meant to retract and withdrawal was so-called a loan translation. It probably joined the words draw with away and entered English as withdrawal in the 13th century. In modern English withdrawal is a noun with various meanings.

Definition of withdrawal:
1. noun – taking money out of the bank account,
Money withdrawal in our bank is possible only if you confirm your identity with your ID card.
2. noun – removing military forces from an area,
They were given twenty-four hours for their troops withdrawal from the area.
3. noun – behavior when someone prefers to be alone and doesn’t want to meet other people,
One of the most popular symptoms of depression is withdrawal – a depressed person wants to be left alone.

Phrases with withdrawal:
A few common phrases with withdrawal are: call for withdrawal, tactical withdrawal, and cash withdrawal.
Politicians from all over the world are calling for a withdrawal of the troops, but the leader doesn’t seem to care about it.
The general ordered a tactical withdrawal, which was clever as no one expected that.
With this debit card, cash withdrawal is free at every ATM in the world, which is a great benefit for such a keen traveler as you.