Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: acheive is not correct and it even looks somewhat unnatural, especially if you already know the pronunciation of this word – achieve has a completely different diphthong inside (ie not ei), which is why it sounds incorrect. If you struggle with the spelling, try to think of pronunciation and see for yourself that ei (like heist) really doesn’t fit here.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: achieve is based on the French word achever – it’s just that in the process of adjusting the word to English, and as the pronunciation changed, e became ie. The change of the sound e to i happened during what is called a Great vowel shift – a period when the pronunciation of many borrowed words became standardized and pronunciation changed to be the most comfortable for the speakers.

Definition of achieve:
1. to reach a goal, usually an ambitious one, through one’s work
He strived to achieve a lot, and now he has his book published.
One has to work hard to achieve success.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling