Correct spelling


Correct spelling, definition: acing is a present participle/gerund of the infinitive to ace, which probably originates from the student slang sense of getting high marks. If we want to make a derivative of the verb, we add the regular -ing suffix to the end of it, but the process is slightly different when a verb ends with -e letter. Two vowels (-e and -i) shouldn’t be next to each other, so -e must disappear. That’s why the correct form is acing, not aceing.

Definition of acing:
noun (gerund), winning or succeeding in a competitive situation
Acing the debate wasn’t an easy thing to achieve.
She is very competitive, so she likes acing.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, definition: aceing is a misspelling because two vowels can’t occur alongside each other. If we want to create a correct form, we should replace -e letter with -i letter and then add the ending -ing, thus we get the word acing, not aceing.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling