Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: the word among causes some troubles when it comes to spelling, and many English users make a mistake and write it as amoung. This form, however, is incorrect and the only other possible form of among is amongst.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: in the times of Old English among used to have the form ongemang, but later it was shortened to the contemporary version we use today. Another possible spelling of the word among is amongst, but it’s more popular in British English.

Definition of among:
1. preposition – surrounded by other things or people, be in the middle of something or to be a part of a group,
There are some nice cafes among the winding streets of this picturesque town.

Collocations with among:
Some typical collocations with among include:
1. set the cat among the pigeons – to say or do something that makes other people really angry,
She really set the cat among the pigeons when she said that the bride’s dress is ugly.
2. number somebody among somebody or something – it means that you become a member of some group,
The golf club finally numbered John among its members.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling