Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: some users of English double the letter -p in the word apart, which results in an incorrect form appart. The mistake is the effect of the pronunciation, which sometimes gives the impression of a double -p letter. However, the form is wrong so do not use it.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: latin a parte, which means at the side, is the root of a contemporary English word apart. The word is mainly an adverb, but has quite a number of meanings as it is an important part of many English expressions and collocations.

Definition of apart:
1. adverb – means that something or somebody is separated or far away from one another, it can also mean that something is damaged or falling into small pieces.
We lived hundred kilometers apart from each other so after some time we lost touch.
My car is falling apart, I don’t know if there is a mechanic who could handle it.

Collocations and expressions with apart:
1. tear apart – to give a critical opinion on somebody or something,
His mother tore him apart after he failed the exams.
2. joking apart – when you want to show that jokes are over and it’s time to start talking seriously,
Joking apart, will you at least consider my offer?
3. poles apart – totally different from one another,
My parents are poles apart when it comes to personality, my mother is cheerful while my dad is usually very serious.