Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: attendant has its roots in French, hence the spelling. In English suffixes -ent and -ant are often used in very similar contexts when describing a person/agent who performs a certain function, but because of the fact this word was borrowed, the suffix does not change in the word attendant.

Definition of attendant:
1. A person who attends a ceremony or on an occasion
All attendants of the event were given a glass of champagne at the start.
2. A person who tends to something or someone; often about a person who provides services connected to hospitality or care.
The rich family across the street hires a live-in child attendant who takes care of the child for most of the day.
1. A thing related to something, accompanying something (or someone)
She organized the auction and all of the attendant documents needed for the sale.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: despite the fact that words such as president or referent are fine, attendent is not a correct word. Attendant was formed based on English attend + suffix -ant, and even though technically it could have -ent at the end, the word can’t be changed like that because of its French origin which dictates the spelling.