Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: omitting the letter -a in the word boarded is quite a frequent mistake. It is interesting as a Germanic origin of the word boarded is bord, which might suggest that historically speaking the form borded could be fine. However, over the centuries the word has evolved and been influenced by French, too. Therefore, the only correct spelling of the word is boarded.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: this popular English word had gone through a long way before it came to the point in which it is now. Boarded came into English from the French language, but the word itself has Germanic roots. Boarded is a past and past participle form of a regular English verb board so in order to spell it correctly you only have to add an -ed ending to the base form.

Definition of boarded:
1. past and past participle verb form which means: to get on some means of transport, e.g. a train or plane; to study far away from home on a daily basis; to stay at somebody’s place for a short period of time and pay them for this possibility:
We boarded the ship with a feeling of anxiety as it was going to be our first sea voyage.
I boarded when I was at high school, which I loved as the facilities were really good there.
We couldn’t afford to stay at a hotel so we boarded with some friends of mine while we were in Barcelona last year.

Boarded word family
The word boarded usually functions alone, without any prepositions, e.g.:
The moment we boarded a plane, we ordered something to eat.
Other popular words from a boarded word family include board, boarding, boarder, and bodyboard.